An annual tune-up is essential for your air conditioning system. This procedure sometimes called a “clean and check” maintenance service, is typically performed in the spring before the cooling season begins. Afterward, repeat the process for peak system performance for the rest of the year. However, if you have recently installed a new air conditioner, it may be time to schedule an AC tune-up.

Unusual noises
If you’ve noticed any unusual noises from your air conditioning unit, it may be time to call a professional technician. The sounds may be caused by a few things, including a loose fan belt or a damaged compressor. In most cases, it can be remedied by tightening screws. If the noise comes from outside the AC, it’s probably caused by a loose fan belt or coil.

Low refrigerant
Your air conditioning system is at risk of losing refrigerant running low. The refrigerant in your system is a liquid, and the cold temperatures outside can cause the fluid to freeze and cause your evaporator coil to freeze. A leaking refrigerant line can also result in high temperatures, leading to a higher energy bill. Schedule an air conditioner tune-up for your system to avoid these high temperatures.

Clogged drainpipe
A plugged drainpipe can cause problems with your HVAC system. Water collected inside the condensate pan flows through the drain pipe. When the drain pipe becomes clogged, this water can overflow and cause damage to your air conditioner. Fortunately, you can have the drain line cleared by a certified AC technician. If you suspect a clogged drainpipe, make an appointment to have it checked.

Leaks in the system
Uneven temperatures. This could signify that you need to have an AC tune-up, especially if the temperature changes from room to room. Make sure that the windows and doors are properly sealed. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call a service technician. Your AC will need a tune-up every year if it’s leaking or the temperature keeps increasing. Luckily, there are signs to look for before it’s too late.

Poor airflow
While you may not think poor airflow is a reason to schedule a tune-up, it can be one of the most significant contributors to higher electricity bills. A lack of airflow can result in several problems, including clogged filters, faulty fans, etc. If you suspect a weak airflow, you should schedule a tune-up with a professional technician.

Cost of repairs
The cost of AC repairs can vary based on the size and type of the system. Capacitors store the energy needed to start and run the motors of the AC unit. This cost includes labor and the part. An annual maintenance plan can save you time and money.

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