When servicing your air conditioner, it is essential to find a company that can perform preventative maintenance and repairs. Your air conditioner’s service technician will comprehensively assess the unit to identify any problems or issues. During a service, the technician will ask questions to ensure they fully understand your concerns and what you’re experiencing. Other maintenance and repair services may include lubricating the motors and bearings and checking the alignment of the various components of your unit.

Maintenance intervals

HVAC maintenance intervals are essential to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and in tip-top shape. Regular inspections of various components ensure that they work optimally and consume less energy. A poorly maintained HVAC system can waste more energy as parts begin to malfunction. Check the air filters in your system regularly and replace them as needed. Replace the air filters if they’re dirty, but they can last several months. You may also want to invest in programmable thermostats, but these can be expensive.

In addition to maintenance intervals, check your HVAC system for leaks. Leaks can result in higher energy bills. Getting a technician to perform a preventative maintenance check will extend the life of your system and ensure a comfortable home. Getting regular maintenance can also cut down on your energy bills. For more information, contact the manufacturer’s office.

Refrigerant levels

Ideally, it would help if you had your air conditioning units serviced at least once per year. A professional HVAC technician will inspect the system and recommend preventative repairs during this time. He will also discuss any issues you’ve encountered, including problems with the thermostat. Sometimes, you may have to have the unit disassembled to fix a problem. If this happens, you should call a professional service company for an inspection.

The recommended frequency for servicing an air conditioning unit is every two years, or more frequently if the team uses a lot of energy. Regular servicing ensures optimal performance from your system. Standard service prevents breakdowns and increases life expectancy. You can do it yourself or call a professional to perform the task for you. In any case, the HVAC company will be happy to help you. It’s worth the investment in regular servicing.


Regular service of your air conditioner is essential to extend its life. Check your filter regularly to ensure the right one. Most air conditioners should be serviced every six months, while systems with high usage should be serviced every two months. It is essential to replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. It would help if you also considered getting a new filter when the old one becomes too old or begins to smell. The more familiar you are with your system, the more you’ll get out of it.

Regular servicing is also essential for your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. HVAC professionals recommend a service at least twice a year. Getting it serviced when you notice signs of trouble is also a good idea. Evaporative air conditioners, for example, should be serviced twice a year to ensure they are functioning correctly. Air conditioning service can also help prevent significant problems. By following these tips, you’ll be on the road to keeping your air conditioner at optimal performance.

Yearly service

Performing annual air conditioning service is essential to keep your unit in top condition. Regular service can catch problems before they become expensive emergencies. HVAC Jason Harris team of experienced technicians can perform various tasks, including cleaning, calibration, and checking. By scheduling yearly maintenance, you can ensure that your unit will continue to function optimally and keep your home comfortable all year round. Moreover, it can help keep your warranty valid.

A well-maintained HVAC system saves energy and money. You will have to spend less on electricity bills, which can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. In some cases, manufacturers require that you perform regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Failing to do so could void the warranty. That’s why yearly service is a good idea. If you can’t afford a professional, you can perform some basic tasks yourself.

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